Speak Up and be Safe from Abuse vocabulary

The vocabulary is from the Speak Up and be Safe from Abuse multi-level communication book, available to participants of the Speak Up and be Safe from Abuse training in Victoria 2016-2017.

This vocabulary was developed based on:

  • literature,
  • current projects and examples of communication aids across the world and
  • using feedback from stakeholder consultations during a pilot project in 2015-2016.

Speak Up and be Safe from Abuse vocabulary list (PDF - 89KB)


Fact sheets

Get information on:

  • where to get support
  • communication aids available in the Speak Up to be Safe from Abuse toolkit
  • more information in plain language and Easy English from Australia and overseas.

Factsheet - where to get support (PDF - 200KB)

Factsheet - communication aids available (PDF - 772KB)

Factsheet - more information (PDF - 143 KB)



You can display the posters in services and settings where people with communication difficulties receive support. This may include areas such as hallways or the staff office. The posters are aimed to:

  • raise awareness of the ways we can support people with communication difficulties to speak up and be safe from abuse
  • support people to learn, use and possibly recognise key words signs/gestures individuals may use to speak up.

Key Word Sign Poster(PDF - 400KB)


Download and print communication aids

General vocabulary Communication boards (PDF - 1,964KB)

Action Communication boards (PDF - 1,855KB)

Places Communication boards (PDF - 810KB)

Things Communication boards (PDF - 736KB)


Download and print record sheet

The record sheet was designed to support the communication partner take notes about their conversation with a person with communication difficulties. It is important for staff and other support people to ask permission to use this form, as it may be used later for investigating a report of abuse.

Record sheet (PDF - 849KB)