Quick view communication aids


This communication board set has a picture board, alphabet board, female and male body boards.

We encourage you to download and print the communication aids and resources. You can use the communication boards directly on your computer or tablet, however there is no built in text to speech function on this website.


How to use the boards

Place/hold the boards where I can see it/point to it.

Direct access - The person will turn the pages and point to the relevant pictures, letters, numbers and words in this boards.

Supported, direct access – You turn the pages and the person points to the relevant pictures, letters, numbers and words in this boards.

Indirect access

  • Look where the person is looking on the boards.
  • Ask the person row by row where the word is. When the person indicates “yes”, ask the person column by column where the message is.

Give the person extra time to answer questions.

If the person can spell, there is an alphabet board (ABC or QWERTY). This may help with specific information, such as names.


Ideas to start a conversation

“I’ve noticed you….” (e.g. seem unhappy, not sleeping well, not eating) or “You asked to talk about something, what has happened?”

Ask open-ended questions. For example, “What happened? / Tell me more”

Confirm with simple yes/no questions. “You told me – at home – is that correct”.

Summarise/repeat to check if you have understood correctly.

Speak in short sentences.


To view on screen


You can download and print communication aids from the Resources page

Communication aids include general vocabulary boards and the boards for actions, places and things.