Special event! and More information

Special event!

For professionals working in health, justice, advocacy, community services and disability who are interested in how to support disability support workers, people with a disability and their families prevent, identify and report abuse.

Thank you to everyone who participated on the day!

Some links for resources that were discussed:

Talking Mats Keeping Safe resource available to purchase from Zyteq. http://www.zyteq.com.au/

Relationship and Sexuality program for schools - and can be adapted for adults! http://rse.fpv.org.au/the-program/develop-deliver-program/

Hate crime launch video from Scotland. http://www.theadvocacyproject.org.uk/2017/05/support-to-report-dont-stay-silent-about-hate-crime/

More information

About this website

This website was developed to support people with a disability, disability support workers and service providers get access to communication aids and resources. Friends, family and carers of people with disabilities and organisations may also find this website useful.

People with communication difficulties have an increased risk of abuse

People with disabilities and complex communication needs are 2-6 times more likely to suffer physical, mental or sexual abuse than others in their community, as a consequence of their inability to communicate effectively (Balandin 2006, Collier 2006). There is an urgent need to develop and strengthen safeguards for people with complex communication needs.

There are things we can all do to make a difference

Current research and literature indicates that strategies which develop staff skills and knowledge, and provide information and resources to support people with disabilities communicate abuse, are effective strategies to reduce the incidence of abuse.

The Speak Up and be Safe from Abuse toolkit

The Speak Up and be Safe from Abuse toolkit and resources were developed using information from literature and consultations with people with communication difficulties, professionals and peak bodies. A pilot training program was also developed, to train disability support workers about the abuse risk factors for individuals with communication difficulties and to provide an introduction to the communication toolkit and resources.

I need help now

To get help now please call the service you need or download and print the factsheets on the resources page